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Chilaska: Fly Fishing & Adventure Outfitter

Ever imagine what it was like to fly fish during the golden age of Roderick Haig-Brown, Zane Grey or Hemingway.  Experience places that may be the closest you can get in this modern world.  Fish with me in Alaska from June to September and Patagonia from November to April.  Let us get together and arrange an expedition that will hold a treasured place on the bookshelf of your memories.

For me fly fishing is a spiritual experience.  Life trying to imitate art.  I have limited my commercial guiding to preserve this feeling.  My clients become friends and share similar feelings about fly fishing and life in general.  I you are looking for an interesting and out of the ordinary fly fishing or travel experience.  Please send me an e-mail so we can set up a meeting to discuss the options.


E-mail : chilaska@chilaska.com